Persuasive essay is an award for careful consideration

Many business schools have already announced the topics of their essays, so we can safely assume that a certain number of “early birds” are eager to plunge into the process of preparing an essay for the first round of admission to the MBA program.

Therefore, we offer a few tips on how to present yourself and your experience in the most advantageous light.

Take your time – think carefully

Before you dive into the work, sketch out any essay, often a very fruitful activity – skillfully selecting stories, examples, and achievements. This “folder” can include professional experience, formal external activities, participation in university sections, and even not even quite official, but everyday employment: hobbies, interests. A comprehensive approach provides an opportunity to approach essay topics with the most impressive information about you.

Set the balance

It is imperative that between all the essays there be a connection to create a holistic and convincing picture of you as a person: who you are, what you have achieved, and what you have done yourself. Admissions officers are always looking for interesting, well-educated students who are willing to contribute to the school, both on and off campus. When selecting essay topics from the list of possible topics, remember: the ideal option is to create a balance of examples that fully reveal successful career paths, as well as interests and hobbies in your spare time.

Everything has to be relevant

On the one hand, it is important to have a wide range of examples, stories, and to present positive characteristics, but on the other hand, some nuances should not be mentioned in the essay. From a chronological point of view, it should be remembered that the main goal is to go to a business school, where each admissions committee is primarily interested in the experience and knowledge that originates from the university. Although there are exceptions (as answers to questions about a particularly important event in life or what is most important to you), it is usually better not to write in detail about achievements at the university or the period of upbringing, as you may be seen as immature, “obsessed” with the past applicant. A number of undesirable topics include topics that are potentially sensitive or emotional, such as religion and politics.

Don’t tell me, just show me.

Keep in mind that the “reader” of your essay usually spends only 15-20 minutes on each applicant. Therefore, it is extremely important to create a clear impression of yourself. Subtle, relevant humor or vivid details influence much more than the general statements and extensive exposition. Try to determine the right amount of influence (details) by explaining your actions in full but concisely, supporting the essay with “illustrated” examples, which together will turn into a set of convincing essays.

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