How Many Words Per Page: How Many Pages Will It Take to Finish Your Assignment?

Whenever you start working on any task, you first check the instructions to find out how many words you need to write. Often you can see how many pages it will take for a text to be written with the help of special word counts. But if you wonder how many words per page does it take for different formats and tasks, this article will show you how many pages different assignments will take. 

How many words per page will it take? 

Which kind of assignment to you have to work on? Is it an essay, thesis, research, or maybe a whole article? Learn more about how many pages will you have to write in order to complete the task here: 

  1. 500 words. This is a standard amount of words for a blog post that can be written on any topic. If you are writing your post in the special editor, it might take 1-2 pages, but when you put it on the website, it can take up only a small part of the page.
  2. 1000 words. Such amount of words is usually used to write major assignments and high school and college, as well as college application paper. For such type of work, a professor or a teacher usually gives specific instructions the student should follow. 
  3. 1500 words. If you have to write something that requires 1500 words, the assignment will take around 6 pages. Of course, it always depends on the font and its size, but 6 pages are usually is how much it takes to complete a 1500 word task. 1500 words format can be used for assignments like a short article or research.
  4. 2000 words. In college or university, many students are given term papers by the end of their year, and most of them are around 2000 words. If you choose the Arial font and 12 pt size, it will take up to seven pages to write that kind of text.
  5. 3000 words. For some students, this feels like a too big amount of words to write, especially if the task has to be done soon. But this quantity is more than doable. 3000 words paper can be written to research or evaluate a specific subject or problem. Also, 3000 words are a good number for writing a nice short novel or story. It will take around 12-13 pages.
  6. 10000 words. If you are writing a story or working on a dissertation or thesis, 10000 words are a suitable size to complete your task. It will take around 34 pages to write such kind of text. Even though it seems like a lot if you plan your time well it won’t require a lot of time to complete.

Use any format to write your paper

There are many types of papers that require different amounts of words to write. 500 and 10000 words seem like a huge difference, but it does not mean that the first one is easier than second. No matter what kind of assignment you have to work on, you should always spend your time and effort on making it good. Divide your assignment into a few parts, and work on each during some period of time instead of trying to do anything at once. Just write something every day, and you will definitely succeed.

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