How Many Pages Is 2000 Words?

It’s the question students ask from time to time. It happens because sometimes, tutors assign to write a paper indicating the words/pages number. Today, there are modern tools online able to help you make the necessary calculations quickly. Find out the number of words per page within minutes without any hassle if it matters for you. If you ask “How many pages is 2000 words?’ you’ll be answered that there are many factors able to influence the word count. Have you got the task “Submit a paper 5 pages long”? Find out what to take into account when calculating the number of words or vice versa, the number of pages.

Factors influencing the answer to the question “How many pages is 2000 words”?

There is no 100% exact answer to this question simply because there are lots of factors that may influence it. There are many types of fonts, which is the first factor you should take into account when calculating the word number to fill the page. You should know: each font type differs in size. Among other factors are such as spacing, margins, the length of paragraphs. It’s obvious: if the tutor asked you to write a paper using a font of the 12 font, the page will contain more words than if you use 14 font. 

How to count words per page?

There are certain standards for a typical page. Check the characteristics below to know how it looks like.

  • 12 point font;
  • 1-inch margins;
  • single space.

If your paper corresponds to the above-listed requirements, then, there will be about 500 words. But if you change the spacing to double instead of single, the number of words will be twice less. 250 words is an approximate number of words per a standard page. So, how many words will be per four pages? If you’ve got the task to complete a paper four pages long, you should write about 1000-2000 words. The exact number will depend on the spacing. If you make your paper single-spaced, then, the word count will be 2000 words and twice less in case of having a double-spaced page.

These are the general rules for determining the number of words per page. Take into account: it’s not an exact number of words. It’s approximate because we should know the size of the font and its type as well.
One more thing to remember: tutors never assign to write a paper writing in the instructions the number of pages if the number of words does matter. If the tutor has asked to write a paper 4-5 pages long, it means the volume isn’t the most important factor in the evaluation. When the word count is one of the significant criteria, the tutor will give exact guidelines: “Complete a 1000-word essay paper”. 

If you have doubts concerning the exact number of words or pages and you need this information, just ask the tutor whether it’s important to write within a certain word limit or not. You may need such information if asking for professional help online and sharing the guidelines with them. So, you should either clarify this issue on your own or find the site where a specialized program will help you find out the number of words per page. For this, choose the necessary page parameters.

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