500 Word Essay: How to Write an Impressive Paper?

A 500 word essay is one of the common tasks every student does at a school and college. Writing this kind of paper, you can demonstrate how creative you are. Usually, such essays have no certain topics. Tutors assign to write a 500 word essay on the topic of your choice. The main purpose of writing is to be yourself and show how your imagination works. However, this doesn’t mean a 500 word essay can be written the way you like without following any rules. There is a certain structure you should stick to if you want to submit a high-quality essay paper. Follow the tips below and you’ll complete a good paper that will be evaluated positively. 

What structure should you stick to when writing a 500 word essay

For some students, this word amount may seem not enough to express all the ideas on the chosen topic. To cover all significant points, you need to write in a clear and concise manner. The structure of the paper won’t differ from any other academic paper. Consider the essential elements of the structure with examples from an essay-discussion on the topic “Word as a source of happiness”.

  1. First, you need to attract the attention of the reader from the very first line. Include some background information or tell the story from your personal experience. There are lots of hooks you can use depending on the essay type. Write a thesis statement. It must be one or two sentences, which reflect the main idea of the whole essay as well as the writer’s position.
    Example: “There is an opinion: the word can be a source of happiness. But we often appeal with such a set of words, which we can injure a person. After all, it is not in vain they say that with a word you can heal a wound, but you can also cripple a soul. The wise Solomon in his parables told us that life and death are in the power of the tongue.”
  2. Secondly, you need to write three paragraphs of the main body. Tell your story and include arguments. It’s better to start each new paragraph with a new idea. The main body should be informative for the reader not to have questions concerning the topic.
  3. Thirdly, write a summary of the main points.  The conclusion is just one paragraph but it must be powerful because it’s the last thing the reader will memorize.  Example “The word has a very important task, to fill life with meaning and this is a great gift. It is curious that the word is a kind of “living” link, which carries both positive and negative emotions able to affect each of us.”

Don’t forget to include the bibliography with all the sources used. Check how to format it before you create a list of references.

Tips for creating a stellar 500 word essay

Have a closer look at the tips below:

  • Choose a topic carefully giving preference to the topics from your personal experience of those you’re familiar with. Such an approach to choosing a topic will save you time.
  • Don’t exceed or write less than 500 words. Extra 30-40 words or vice versa less are ok but don’t exceed too much. It will show your ability to express thoughts within the word limit and an ability to follow the guidelines.
  • Don’t copy ideas from other writers to avoid plagiarism. Your tutor will use a plagiarism checker which will show that the paper isn’t unique. So, don’t be afraid to be yourself as the tutor wants to hear your own voice.
  • Reread it for several times using an essay checklist. Does an essay sound interesting? Have you covered all the points you wanted? Will the paper attract the reader? Answer all these questions. If you can answer positively, then, your paper is ready for submission. If not, just edit it, and check whether it contains any grammar errors.
    For this, use advanced online software like Grammarly. 

Keep all the essay writing recommendations in mind and success is guaranteed!

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